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Engine Management & Vehicle Control System Diagnostics

An increasingly complex aspect of the motor repair business is the understanding of & ability to trace the causes of engine management & various other control system faults. At Ryan Auto Diagnostics & Servicing we have it covered. We have invested greatly in diagnostic equipment and training and this enables us to diagnose & repair, where other workshops are still relying on “best guess diagnosis”. Our approach may take a little longer, but we fit very few parts unnecessarily!

These days there are many workshops that have the ability to plug in & pull a fault code, but, all too often the unwitting motorist will fall victim to the “Scan It & Scarpour Brigade” who will be more than willing to take your cash in return for a report of what faults codes are present & not much besides. At Ryan Auto Diagnostics & Servicing, we take great pride in our ability to guide you through the diagnostic process & keep you “in the loop” at key stages.